In fast food bars, the key factor is the speed of serving meals. Nowadays, this is a whole bunch of people, but in a few years they will be replaced by robots that will do it faster, more efficiently and more hygienically.

Momentum Machines has developed a special model of a robot that is responsible for preparing hamburgers. For such meals, the freshness of the products is very important, therefore the ingredients are prepared only after the order has been placed and are not stored for a longer period of time, as is the case in typical fast food bars, which will greatly improve the taste of the food served. Not to mention that the robot will definitely be more hygienic than the human, and much faster than that, as its performance is estimated at about 400 burgers per hour, which is suitable for the largest bars.

Momentum Machines does not stop there, and is already announcing a second generation of machines that will further fry meat (the previous generation only deals with ingredients), thus creating a fully functional substitute for a cook that never tire of being much faster and cheaper to maintain. .

Steven Mills

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