The most important factor for the battlefield advantage is, of course, the scout who continually delivers location information to the opponent’s troops, allowing a precise selection of targets for destruction.

The American army has more and more recently been scouting with drones, which are much cheaper and more efficient than any other aircraft or satellite. It used them to create a completely new helicopter support system for the AH-64E Apache combat helicopter. The technology is called MUM-T (Manned-Unmanned Teaming) and allows the helicopter crew to use the nearby Army Shadow and Gray Eagle drones, sending them to specific locations for reconnaissance.

Using cameras and sensors built into drones, a helicopter crew can observe an attack target of up to 100 km from the machine, which allows for thorough preparation of actions, risk assessment, The system also allows you to keep moving targets in view, making it much easier to aim.

The MUM-T system is already in use in Afghanistan and is currently used mainly by the AH-64E Apache, the latest generation of the Apache combat helicopter, which features a new engine, composite propeller, latest avionics and a much lighter design.

Steven Mills

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