The funeral industry offers a great many different services, allowing you to bury loved ones in various ways. You can do it in the traditional way, cremate their bodies and put them in an urn, convert them to diamonds, etc. Or you can send our loved ones into space.

A former NASA engineer founded the Elysium Space startup, whose goal is to provide an atypical burial service. The company intends to send space vehicles to the space where the ashes of the dead are to be found. Once they get into orbit, the ashes will stay there, and families will be able to track their location via their Android app.

The first flight of space caravans will take place next summer, and the price of such a service has been set for $ 1990 and of course the ashes of the deceased must be held. At this price, the consumer will receive a kit containing a special metal capsule for storage of drugs, and if he so wishes, he may participate in its firing.

So far Elysium Space is only available for Android, but plans are still under iOS.

Steven Mills

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