MyPhone C-Smart Glam is the next Biedronka offer of smartphone at an extremely low price of $ 50.

MyPhone C-Smart Glam is another smartphone after C-smart III or C-smart III S very low price and limited hardware capabilities.

MyPhone C-Smart Glam – worth it?

Probably in an emergency situation, we need only the basic functions of ringing, sending text messages, using the Internet communicator and occasionally suspecting web pages, myPhone C-Smart Glam will do its job.

In general, however, we should not count on the free use of standard features in more expensive hundreds of dollars of construction.

Although, plus myPhone C-Smart Glam, you can count on 1GB of RAM as compared to its predecessors, which should allow for a decent operating system, but you still have to rely on low-resolution display support and poor display quality. Larger angles and lighter lighting.

Besides this 2MP camera it is hard to say anything more besides that it is, and to buy it immediately it is worth to add the price of a microSD card.

Steven Mills

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