The new Ford Focus comes with an optional Active Park Assist, which helps the driver to park in a straight or parallel position at a previously located location. We have tested in practice how this chip works and what degree of automation you can count on. In addition, we conducted a system test that warns the vehicles coming from the left or right side of the road when crossing the traffic.

The semiautomatic parking systems are obviously not a new solution, as they could be found years ago in D and E cars. But in the compact class (C segment) the Ford Focus is still a relatively new solution. It also turns out that different parking support systems work differently. That is why we have looked at what the new Focus (the test of this car) looks like.

Active Park Assist in Focus uses radar and parking sensors that are already mounted in the car. To use the semi-automatic parking feature, press the steering wheel symbol and the letter P next to the gear lever. At this time, a message appears asking you to select the parking mode you are interested in. After making the decision you should go at a slow speed and the on-board systems will look for a free parking space. When this is found, the relevant information will appear on the central screen, with the request to insert the reverse gear and release the steering wheel. Then the computer is controlled by the computer. The driver’s job is to handle the gas and the brake (as well as the clutch in the case of a manual transmission).

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The new Ford Focus offers excellent perpendicular parking performance. Each time correctly finds the free parking space and safely enter it. Slightly worse with parallel parking. In his case, sometimes the onboard systems consider the maneuver to be complete when our Focus has reached the rear, and a small driveway is required. Fortunately, this is the simplest part of parking and for anyone it should not be difficult. The system also allows semi-automatic (on a similar basis as above) departure from a parallel parking space.

An additional system that not only adds comfort, but above all safety, is a warning system for vehicles approaching the right or left side of the road (up to 40 meters) when crossing the traffic. The performance of this system is very good and we strongly recommend buying it, especially with the BLIS. The effect of this system can be seen in the video below.

These systems are available as an option (they can only be purchased together) for $ 625 regardless of the version of equipment you choose. As for two effective functions, we think that despite a reasonable proposition that many drivers will appreciate.

Steven Mills